Advanced Cancer Treatment Techniques in KIMS Hyderabad, India

Published: 11th February 2011
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World over due to the rapidly changing lifestyles and other reasons the incidence of cancer is increasing. Cancer also occurs due to genetic predisposition. Therefore the immediate priority of the international community is to increase the cancer related awareness among the general public. The focus needs to be more on lower income groups because number of surveys shows that usually the people belonging to lower income groups do not undergo any screening tests. Therefore the prevalence among these people is much more when compared to people who can afford it.

Many studies and statistics have revealed that early detection of cancer not only increases the survival rate but also effectively prevents the cancer. Cancer can be nipped in the bud thanks to the latest and highly sophisticated treatment technology. There has been a tremendous enhancement of treatment and diagnostic technology especially on the radiotherapy front. Even in the area of surgical oncology rapid stride have been made.

But world over there are only few centers of excellence that are offering the latest generation cancer treatment. The KIMS cancer centre is one of the few advanced cancer diagnosis and treatment destinations not only in India but also in the entire world offering cutting edge cancer diagnostics and treatment. It has the proven knowledge base and advanced technology options for Cancer treatment.

The centre has a Medical Oncology Department that equipped with the most sophisticated ultra modern 3Linear Accelerator machines and High Dose rate Brachytherapy machine. All the equipment has been obtained from Varian Medical Systems, with world reputed technology to deliver quality treatments with accuracy and precision. One of the most advanced Linear Accelerators - Novalis Tx is equipped with all the latest accessories such as high-definition multileaf collimator system On Board Imager, ExacTrac system and BrainLab treatment planning system, to deliver High Precision world class treatments with latest techniques.

The treatments at this state of the art Radiation Oncology Department are delivered under the supervision of highly qualified, well trained and most experienced Radiation Oncologists, who work in collaboration with well trained Medical Physicists, Radiotherapy Technicians well trained in latest radiation planning computer systems (Eclipse) and physicians of other specialties (Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Diagnostic Radiology, Pathology, etc.) for the evaluation and care of each patient with cancer.

The department of surgical oncology has the expertise to perform highly advanced state of the art Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). All the equipment has been obtained from Varian Medical Systems, with world reputed technology to deliver quality treatments with accuracy and precision.

KIMS also has a state of the art Medical Oncology department where latest generation chemotherapy is provided. The department also provides effective palliative care and regular OPD services.

Recently KIMS cancer centre also has embarked on an ambitious program of spreading awareness among the general public in second-tier towns. Due to centers of excellence such as these the cancer awareness is spreading rapidly. However much more needs to be done in this regard as there is always scope for improvement. No doubt, centers like KIMS cancer centre are rising up to the occasion.

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