Hip Resurfacing in KIMS Hospital Hyderabad - Revolution in Joint replacement

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Published: 15th February 2011
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Hip resurfacing procedure, a revolution in joint replacement treatment, is now available in Hyderabad KIMS Hospital. Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, has evolved as new hub for all hip resurfacing and replacement techniques in Orthopedic division in India. Go on and read the information - why and how hip resurfacing is the best method than total joint replacement.

Resurfacing procedure – The best method than Replacement

The main reasons behind the lameness of lakhs of people are joints pain and hardened joints. To get rid of pain and to work regularly, most of them choose total joint replacement. Especially those who are suffering from Arthritis, choose the replacement of knee and hip joints. Joint replacement is considered as one of the great milestones in this decade.

How do bones get damaged?

Arthritis in hip region is very common in India. Trauma (previously damaged hip bone), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondylitis, and due to some other diseases hip bone gets damaged. The femur bone gets damaged when it short of blood circulation. The pain will be severe in this type of patients. Gradually, bones become harder and the movement of the bones gets reduced.

Resurfacing Today

Total hip replacement is done when it is nor treatable with medication. Nowadays these surgeries are successfully performed in any corner of the globe. Resurfacing is the advanced procedure by which most of the people are getting rid of joints pain. For the first time resurfacing technique was introduced by Dr. Derek Mcminn without setting artificial hip joint for the first time 13 years ago. With the successful procedure of resurfacing, millions of people have got their walk forward.

Only the disease of infected bone is detached in resurfacing procedure. It even more beneficial to young people as they can preserve their natural hip bone. The natural hip bone is replaced in case of second time surgery only. After six months, the person who has undergone resurfacing surgery would get the capability of walking for 5 miles. The bone will not be dislocated by jagging, swimming, dancing, running, playing sports, and high jumping.

Artificial Joint Replacement in Young people….

Total hip replacement is suitable for aged, and those who cannot work actively. It is very affordable. But in young people, the surgery cannot bring back the activeness and proper walking style that they had previously. There are many possibilities of hip bone dislocation. They need to restrict their movements and lifestyle after the surgery. For example the person who undergone the surgery cannot sit on floor and cannot bend to take anything from the floor. But with resurfacing, all the above mentioned things can be done easily.

Benefits with Resurfacing

Instead of going for the new artificial joint, patient can undergo resurfacing procedure which is utmost beneficial. In resurfacing procedure, Arthritis-affected part is thoroughly cleaned and dead cells on the surface of the joint are eliminated. Two modern metal pieces (Components) are arranged. There is no point of eliminating femoral head in resurfacing technique. But in replacement procedure the femoral head is totally removed. Resurfacing takes 1 to 1 and half hour time (replacement is also performed in 1 and half hour). Those who undergone the surgery have to stay 4 – 5 days in hospital. After the surgery, they can walk properly within two days. Though this surgery is costly it will give a lot of fruitful results.

Resurfacing is not suitable for….

Resurfacing is not advisable for those who are suffering from kidney related diseases and the women who are in childbearing age. Some may not have the support for resurfacing in their hip bones. ‘Mid-Head Resection’ is the best advanced method for these people. You can talk to the doctor and clarify all the doubts before taking a decision.

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